Wgc Writers Agreement

However, many of these talented BIPOC writers are poised to fail – with unfair pay, no training, lack of resources and mentorship, and often rely on other coordinators who give their time to show them the ropes. GM: Protection of young authors in a writing room. In a Canadian program, the story coordinator is the „entry-level station“ through which many television writers enter the writers` room. Currently, the position is not protected by the Writers Guild and as writers we want to be there. Gillian Müller: Ever since BIPOC TV & Film was built from scratch as a grassroots organization that caters to the needs of our most vulnerable members, we are really immersed in the realities of what we face as BIPOC creatives in terms of obstacles and obstacles in the industry. Unfortunately for many of those who work in the Canadian television industry, these belts were already quite tight, the pockets were not very deep, and the industry was not as diverse. That`s why BIPOC TV & Film members launched a petition for Change.org on Friday, June 5, 2020, asking the Writers` Guild of Canada to protect the position of Screenplay and Story Coordinator under their agreement. BIPOC TV & Film is a collective of Black, Indigenous and people of colour in the Canadian television and film industry that aims to increase the representation of PANDPC in front of and behind the camera…

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