Traduction En Francais De Partnership Agreement

This is a French translation of the Odoo Partnership Agreement. This translation is provided in the hope that it will facilitate its understanding, but it is not favourable to the law. The only official reference to the terms of the Odoo Partnership Agreement is the original English version. How can I pick up my translations in the vocabulary coach? Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? OdOO and the partners are referred to individually as the „Contracting Party“ and in conjunction with the terms „the Parties“. Search results: 2810. Exactly: 2810. Elapsed time: 300 ms. For ODOO services purchased by a customer through the partner and provided that the partner has a contractual relationship with that customer, the PARTNER receives a commission in accordance with Table 4.2 benefits and at the partnership level at the time of the corresponding customer billing. This software and associated files (the „Software“) may only be used with a valid Odoo Enterprise subscription agreement and the number of users provided for in this agreement (executed, modified or executed with modifications). The PARTNER understands and agrees that when a customer chooses to work with the partner, ODOO will delegate the maintenance of the additional modules covered 2 to the partner and become the customer`s main point of contact. Warning: the words in the vocabulary list are only available via this Internet browser. Once this list is copied into your vocabulary trainer, it will be available from anywhere.

The PARTNER agrees that the aforementioned partnership fees will not be reimbursed. The PARTNER undertakes to make every effort to sell Odoo Enterprise contracts to its customers. To support these efforts, PARTNER will market the „Odoo Enterprise Edition“ version primarily to interested parties and customers. If necessary, the PARTNER can sell services on other software versions such as „Odoo Community Edition“. Any copy of the software or a substantial part of the software must contain the original copyright display as well as the text of this license. The „Odoo“ trademark (including the name and its visual representations and logos) is the exclusive property of ODOO. IN ANY EVENT, THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITIES UNDER ANY CONTRACT, INFRINGEMENT OR OTHER PART OF THE SOFTWARE, USE OF THE SOFTWARE OR OTHER MANIPULATIONS RELATED TO THE SOFTWARE. Both parties are committed by the following means: once a month, the PARTNER receives a purchase order for the commission, which is available for the previous month. On the basis of this purchase order, the PARTNER calculates ODOO and is paid within 15 days of receipt of this invoice. The volume of the partnership granted to the PARTNER depends on the new annual revenue of Odoo Enterprise from the PARTNER for ODOO (in terms of the number of new Odoo Enterprise users sold, the number of certified internal resources and the customer retention rate). Renewals of existing contracts are not eligible for the number of new users sold, but the PARTNER nevertheless receives a commission for these contracts, as indicated in section 4.2 benefits. .

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