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15 Examples Peru – Marking of footwear for „country of origin“ and corporate tax number Products must have at least 60% of the remaining shelf life before imports BRI certification marking and introduction of less restrictive procedures Agreement on the labelling of MRP 2 WTO scenario – Removal of barriers to the free movement of trade Creation of a global market with equal access to all countries Quality, Health & Safety & Environmental Importance Of the role of both mandatory standards and voluntary procedures & CA Established rules and disciplines with respect to non-tariff agreements – SPS, TBT & PSI, are essentially aimed at protecting the interests of foreign suppliers 10 Transparency CommunicationsAll proposed, new and amended measures must be notified by members to the OAT Committee of the WTO Secretariat. Providing members with translated versions, if desired, and waivers from international standards give sufficient notification to allow adaptation to these requirements. If the technical rules differ from international standards, you should also consider the exporter`s comments Enquiry Points A point of request to be addressed – a point of contact responds to all appropriate requests that provide documents on technical regulations, standards and CA procedures; All agreements that need to be notified to the Secretariat 19 Other important informationA request service to be sent responds to all appropriate requests and provides documents relating to technical regulations, standards and CA procedures; All agreements to be notified to the Secretariat will provide technical assistance to developing countries in the field of establishment of NSBIs, participation in standardization, development of technical rules, establishment of regulators of CA activities, CA methods, etc. coverage of the Codex standard (21 species of fish) Sardina pilchardusSardinops melanostictus, p. neopilchardus, S. ocellatus, S. sagax[,] p. caeruleusSardinella aurita, S. brasiliensis, S. maderensis, S. longiceps, S.

gibbosaClupea harengusSprattus SprattusHyperlophus vittatusNematalosa vlaminghiEtrumeus teresEthmidium maculatumEngraulis anchoita, E. mordax, E. ringens Opsthonema oglinum. Sheet 37 9 Mutual recognition of conformity assessment (Article 6) CA procedures are those used to determine whether the requirements are met. Samples, inspection, testing, evaluation, conformity assessment, accreditation, etc. Equivalence ensures that the results of CA procedures are recognised on the basis of equivalence (i.e. even if they are different, if they are convinced that the procedures used offer a guarantee of compliance with their technical standards/regulations) (6.1) Compliance with the relevant guides and accreditations is an indication of adequate technical competence of the CABs (6.1.1) encourage to enter into negotiations on agreements for the recognition of the results of the CA rocedures of the other (6.3). . .

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