Subject-Verb Agreement With Intervening Phrases Ppt

The cook and waiter work hard in this restaurant. At the bottom of the jungle, the tigress, with its young, is associated with assembled subjects that are connected by or by or by or by (or not), the verb is always in phase with the subject closer to the verb. Plural examples: either violinists or cellists need exercise Either Pedro`s father or his sisters listen. Neither adults nor children listen. Singular examples: Neither cellist nor cellist need training. Either the adult or the child listens. 7 Lesson Three: RelativpronomenPronomIn term: If who, this or that (relative pronouns) acts as the subject of a subsidiary sentence, his verb is singular or plural, depending on the number of precursors. Examples: The name sphinx was given to the statue by the Greeks, who associated it with a monster from ancient Greek myth. 9 Lesson Four: Composite Subjects Concept: A composite subject consists of two or more subjects or pronouns connected by a conjunction and having the same verb.

The parts of a compound subject are usually related by and, or, or, or, either – or, and neither – nor -. A compound subject that is through and is usually plural and must have a plural abdage. There is an exception to the rule and. Sometimes the two subjects come together and form a unit. When this happens, the subject is considered a singular and adopts a singular verb. If one or more singular subjects are related by or not to one or more plural subjects, it is the subject closest to the verb that determines the concordance. Subject-verb agreement precursor pronouns. Correspondence between the subject and the definition of the verb: a verb corresponds in number to its subject. What is a verb? What is the number? Ten years (was/were) the number of years spent by the star player with the team. The basketball team (depends on one another) for inspiration.. .

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