Perjanjian Kerja Bersama Agreement

This is different. Among the fundamental differences between the two is the company`s employment contract, while the collective agreement (PKB) is developed jointly by the company and the bargaining union. In addition, the employment contract is an obligation between the company and individual employees, while PKB binds the company and all employees. Employment contracts are not cancelled due to the death of the contractor or the transfer of rights to the company on the basis of sales, estates or subsidies. In the case of a transfer of the company, the rights of workers/employees will then be the responsibility of the new employer, except otherwise in the transfer agreement which does not reduce the rights of workers/employees. If the contractor, an individual, dies, the heirs of the contractor may terminate the employment contract after negotiation with the worker/ worker. If the worker dies, the heirs of the worker are entitled to their rights in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations or rights provided for in the employment contract, enterprise provisions or collective agreements. Employers and unions/unions are required to communicate to all workers/employees the content of the PKB or its changes. Employers must print pkb manuscripts at the company`s expense and distribute them to each worker. Employment contracts can be written in writing or orally. The written employment contract contains at least that all the conditions are essentially the same, because the meaning of the employment contract is defined in Article 1, paragraph 1, of Act 21 of 1954, which was amended in Employment Act 13 of 2002. Well, I hope this article can add to their vision of human resources management in the business. In addition to the collective agreement (PKB), there are other important knowledge you can learn, such as wage structure and level, employment contracts and employee management.

However, you don`t have to worry, because Gadjan`s HR application can make your job easier to manage the above. You just need to understand the concept, and let Gadjian do his technical work for you, including the memory of employees employment contracts. Depending on the period, there are two types of employment contracts: employers and trade unions/ trade union confederations or employers` organisations with trade unions/trade union confederations. If there is more than one union in a company, then the right to advance in the PKB negotiations represents the workers, a union whose members are at least 50% of the number of employees of that company. However, if all unions have fewer members, it is necessary to cooperate with other unions until the number of members exceeds 50%. It could also seek the assistance of other employees outside of the union. „Agreements that result from negotiations between unions or unions or unions registered with employment agencies with employers, or certain employers or employers` organisations that include the terms of employment, rights and duties of the parties.“ PkwT is written and uses Indonesian and Latin letters.

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