May I See Your Rental Agreement I Threw It Away

If you pay the rent or have damaged the appliance, the landlord can keep some of it. You can only keep what you owe for rent or repair costs. If you owe the owner more than the amount of your deposit, they can sue you. RCW 59.18.280. If your landlord terminates your lease for one of the above reasons and does not pursue the property within the required time frame or offers you the property, you can sue rtB for damages for being unfairly deprived of possession of the property by the owner. I live in Oceanside, California. My family rents an apartment and our landlord has a manager who has a bad attitude towards us. We try to keep peace with her, but truth, I`m tired of her knocking on our door and complaining about everything petty. We had a dog and we had to give it away because she said the neighbors were complaining, which was a big bull for me, everyone loved our dog. Then she complains over and over again about my father`s parking under the building because „our car is too big, people can hide behind it“. At first I thought she could act like that, because we pay the rent a little late, but now it just gets boring.

Shouldn`t we have the right to park in our parking lot? Or at least can she be nicer and stop threatening us with three days of deportation? We would move, but for now, it`s just not possible…. Help! It will help you understand your rights and obligations as a tenant. It is just general information. For help in your situation, try to get legal assistance as soon as possible. See below for information on where you can get legal aid. yes, call the city to file a complaint against your landlord because the building is not early, and if they threaten to evict you, tell them once again that it is a „retaliation action“ and that, according to the law, it cannot evict you. period. And if you know who got in your car, call the police, charge her and put her in jail. What a bunch of low-life losers! If your belongings are worth more than $250, they must wait 30 days after sending you a notification. You can then sell everything, including family photos, souvenirs and personal papers.

The RTB has a number of examples on its website that your landlord can use to complete your rental click here to access it. The amount of notification your landlord must give you depends on the length of the lease. Below are the normal notices that will apply from June 4, 2019: knowing your rights is imperative, but if you end up with a walnut landlord, you will always end up with countless hours of aggravation of these rights. Unless the rental agreement specifically guarantees you special parking available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, you may not have a strong recourse if the owner`s son starts parking for you.

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