Jerusalem Agreement

„Who would have ever dreamed that there would be a peace agreement with an Arab country without us going back to the 1967 borders,“ Netanyahu said. „Israel and the United Arab Emirates are two of the most advanced countries in the world, and together we can change the region.“ Implementation of the plan is conditional on it being subject to the „Gaza criteria“ and pursued only if the Government of Gaza, currently administered by Hamas, is referred either to the Palestinian Authority or to another Palestinian entity, with The agreement of Israel. [129] [130] The technical feasibility of such a transformation of the Gaza government is unclear. [131] Under these conditions, Hamas, the PIJ and all other Militias and organizations in Gaza that Israel refers to as „terrorists“ should be disarmed. [132] Gaza would be completely demilitarized. [132] Hamas itself should commit itself to making peace with the State of Israel by adopting the Quartet principles, which include clear and explicit recognition of the State of Israel, the obligation of non-violence and the acceptance of previous agreements and commitments between the parties. [132] [131] The agreement overshadows the Palestinians whose claim to the country where Israel was founded in 1948 is the basis of the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he opposed the new agreement and said no one had the right to speak on behalf of the Palestinians. Hamas, which controls Gaza, spoke of a „political sin.“ On January 25, 2018, Netanyahu reiterated the government`s position, but appeared to change it by saying, „Under all peace agreements, the capital of Israel will continue to be in Jerusalem.“ (Stress added) [45] Netanyahu, who appeared before reporters in Jerusalem, hailed the agreement as the greatest step towards peace in the Arab world in decades. The agreement was reached without Israel leaving territories it has effectively controlled for more than 50 years of conflict with the Palestinians. The French government notes that „it is up to the parties to reach a final and comprehensive agreement on the final status that would end the conflict. France believes that Jerusalem should become the capital of both states. [100] But it is doubtful that agreements such as this, between already friendly countries, will go a long way in promoting regional peace. The two nations agreed to normalize relations by allowing travel, trade and, finally, the opening of diplomatic offices.

Representatives of the two countries will meet soon to begin signing agreements, he said in a joint statement.

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